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January 22, 2011 / Nandha kumar

Life started in Cognizant

Hi to all.

After a long time I got time to Blog .

Now I am in Coimbatore working for CTS. My domain is in Testing.

Almost One and Half month just passed away like anything after joining here.

Many interesting and amazing things had happened in my Life till now.

First I thought to myself and hated myself for Being into Coimbatore since I was missing Chennai. But after staying here for a week or so, I came to know about how good the people here are. They are so helping in nature when compared to Chennai people. I like that aspect of Coimbatorians very much.

Next is I dint liked to be in testing first. But after joining here and hearing many people’s experiences in Testing domain, a soft corner was slowly got building into my mind and Heart.

My few Great inspirations for feeling Great to be in Testing are,

Maya, Our Testing Head, Who started her career like us 12 years ago in Testing is still continuing her career in Testing and has turned to be the Head for Testing Operations. She met us during the Induction programme. Her speech was really great and she explained how she turned to successful in CTS and How CTS provided opportunities for her success.

The next role model is my Trainer, Angela Arun. Her way of Approach is really interesting incase of Testing. She worked in Wipro and was put into some Development domain. But, due to her sheer interest in Testing, she spoke to her Higher officials an opted for Testing domain. and She is more enthusiastic about Testing.

She even has several Blogs for Testing, knows a lot of info about Testing and as well as other Fun and Techie Ideas. We really like her approach of Teaching Testing Technology to us. There are many more people who had inspired me a lot.

So, Now I am feeling more comfortable being into Testing. I wish I can do good in the Testing aspect.

Then, to say about my Batch, Its a mixture of people from several parts of the Country. Majority is from Kerala. And the main moto of our Batch is Fun, Fun and loads of Fun.

Being in Cognizant, each member of the batch has to play a role like extra curricular activities, domain expertise, etc. and I have been given the task of Blogging representative for My batch. I am really about that bcoz my batch does Blogging without me insisting to do it. But I rarely do Blogging.

The interesting things are, I started this new year with my First month salary. I have no words to  describe the Happiness I had on the eve of New Year. We celebrated it as a whole Batch.

Till now, Two tests have been conducted as part of our training and to my great surprise, I got Batch First and second score in these Tests. I really wonder how that happened accidently.  I hope I do well in the following tests as well.

I bought myself  Samsung Galaxy5 TAB Android phone from my First month salary and its really a cool Gadget.

And I visited my home few times and celebrated Pongal, Christmas there.My roommates are also from MCA background and they are also good and enjoying life. We are happy to be together.

These are the important updates that happened in my Life so far.

To say finally, ” Namma Life stlyeae Maririchi Doi “.

I also miss my College friends [ Both UG and PG] , My school friends a lot.

I wish all of them a good Future ahead.

I will keep updating the Blog whenever I find time since I have restrictions to use NET in my Company.

Thanks and Regards




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