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November 16, 2010 / Nandha kumar

Attended Tech+HR Round at Cognizant

Hi to all,

I attended apps for Cognizant on Oct 3 and cleared it. I got a mail for Attending Tech and HR round on Oct 16 at Cognizant, MEPZ, Tambaram, Chennai.

After the interview at mobicip, I prepared a little seriously for Cognizant, because If This chance is lost, I cannot attend Cognizant for next 9 months.

On october 16, I was asked to be there by 10.30 Am. I reached the venue by 9.30 AM. I was really suprised to see a such a huge and modern building in that remote area of Tambaram. I was also shocked to see so much of crowd have gathered to attend the Interview. I was slowly losing hope that I will get selected. But It was a great experience.

At the main gate, I showed my Hall ticket, got my visitors pass and headed towards the Huge Auditorium in the 4th floor of cafeteria Block. In the Hall, there were more than 500 people were seated and few persons were reading out names and DOBs and were telling to goto panels.

I waited for morethan two hours and around 12.00 PM, they called my name and told me to go to panel 85 in Third floor. There was also a lot of crowd.
I was really nervous. Now, One person from the panel, called up the candidates of panel 85. I reached him and He ticked down my name in the list. then I was assigned a Lady HR for Technical Interview.

First I greeted her. She said to take my seat. She asked me about myself. I answered. Then she went through my Resume, my apps answersheet and the form filled by me during the apps. She started asking about what is linux, FOSS, my project. I explained them clearly and carefully. She was impressed by my project.

Then She asked me about Inheritance, polymorphism, my hobbies – chalk carving. I answered. She also enquired whether Have I brought any chalk carvings for the interview. I said no. She said OK. and then asked about my extra curricular activities. I told her that I am a member of ILUGC, volunteer during SFD ’09, etc.

She asked whether I know Java. I said “yes to a certain extent”. She then asked me which type of inheritance is not supported in Java and Why. I answered her that it was Multiple Inheritance and the reason for it. She said OK.

She asked me Why I want to join cognizant and What I expect from cognizant. I answered her that Many of my friends are working in Cognizant and have shared with me the joy of working there. I am a fresher and I need a entry level into the IT field. So, I chose cognizant and I wish I will be given a chance to explore the same joy. She said Good.

She then asked after ten years what position I will be. I replied her. After few more questions on oops, She said that It was good speaking with me and told me to wait at the hall opposite to the cafeteria for the results. I wished her thank you and left the place and went to the Hall.

Within ten minutes, They announced the shortlisted candidates for HR round and I got through. Now, They sent us to the second floor where HR round was going on. Now, I was really nervous and getting ready to face the Final round. People around me were discussing about many things. People who attended the interview were saying what was asked in the HR round to their friends.I was all alone and waited patiently.

Now, My turn came and I was called in. Here also there were 20 – 25 HR people seated in tables within distance apart and were interviewing candidates. I was assigned to a HR guy. I went to him and greeted him. He said to sit and saw my resume. I was really afraid now but dint show it out.
He asked me to introduce myself. I told him. He asked me Why less score during UG degree. I answered him, I was not so good at studies during UG and led my life little playfully. He asked me to write the OOPS concepts. I wrote it. He saw and told me two more concepts were left. Then I saw that I dint write about main things- objects and classes and wrote it.

Then He asked me when was C invented and by whom. I said Dennis ritchie and in the 1970’s. He asked for exact year. I told 1972. I asked me was it a guess. I said no. Then He asked me Are You sure. I confirmly said yes. He said OK. Then He asked me about Linux. I answered him. InBetween the answer, He asked what is SDLC and its process. I was not sure about the stages but I somehow answered him.

He said Thatsall and any more questions from me. I simply asked him for what kind of post this recuritment is for. [ I asked this question because the companies like HCL which i Attended previously, gave us apps and after that They said, its for a BPO job. So, inorder to ensure, this job is not a BPO, I asked that question. ]  He cooly asked me what post Do I want. I said, as per company norms and I wish its for a Trainee post.He replied I need not worry and it will be taken care of.

I wished thankyou sir and came out. I felt bad on why I asked such silly question and also had a thought I answered correctly or not. They said the results will be announced few days later. I left to home with all the confusions.

I hope I will get through the interview and join Cognizant.

Thanks and Regards


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