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November 16, 2010 / Nandha kumar

Attended Interview at Mobicip

Hi to all,

I was given the task of posting jobs at site, by Shrini anna. I used to apply for jobs from the site.

On oct 3 I posted a job regarding opening for c/c++ developers at

This company is currently in app development for iphones and ipads and provides solution for parental guidance on the apps used by the children.

I applied for this job by sending my resume.

After two weeks, on october 7 I got a call from mobicip Hr and was scheduled for interview on the next day around 2PM.

I had no time to revise C and C++ completely, since it was a tech + hr interview.

The next day, I went to the venue at ELCOT tech park, at Tharamani.

I signed in and went to fourth floor.

Then submitted my resume and waited. A HR person named Arul called me up and gave a technical written test on c and c++.

I attended the test and it was quite hard. And I also had questions on topics like Networking, Unix, Objective C, cocoa.

I have never seen Cocoa programming before. So, I dint attend any questions in that section.

After the test, The HR arranged a coffee for me and told to wait.

After the cofee, Person named Arvind took me for the Tech Interview. He asked me several questions based on the answers that I wrote in the Technical wirtten

test. He told me to explain about my Final year project. He also asked several questions on c, oops, and Linux.

he also gave few scenarios and told to write code for it using C constructs. I wrote and showed him. He again started asking several questions on that. I

answered as much as I Know. Then He asked me whether I have used design patterns in C. He replied No. Then after few questions, I was again told to wait.

After sometime, Another Person named Vijay took me to thrid floor for C++ technical interview. He asked me about my contributions to FOSS. I said that I m

just a newbie and not done anything of that sort. then He asked me about my project and also few questions on Linux. I replied him.

Then He started with the OOPs concept of C++ and told to write sample code for inheritance and its types, polymorphism, overriding, overloading. I somehow

wrote the code. But was not sure, whether is it right. He asked me to rate myself on knowledge of c,c++,java and I told 7,6,5 to it.

Vijay asked several questions twistedly and I got confused and answered few questions wrongly. From that itself I know that I will not get selected in this

company. He also asked a puzzle about 1000 doors problem [ an aptitude question which i came to know answer after googling about it ] and asked the answer for it. I tried for sometime and atlast failed. After few more questions, I was again told to wait.

Then the HR person called me up and asked how was the Interview. I answered him that the interview was good and since I had little time to prepare, I did some parts of the Interview little badly.

He said OK and told me like They have to interview few more people and If I am the rigt person for the job, surely they will call me. I said Ok, thanks for the opportunity and left the place.

By the last words of the HR, I knew that I am rejected for this job. I was upset for sometime and gave a thought about the mistakes I committed during the Interview and tried to correct it. I also decided never to commit such silly mistakes thereafter.
I hope everything is for Good and started applying for the next job.

Thanks and Regards


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