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November 14, 2010 / Nandha kumar

Attended Apps at Cognizant

Hi to all,

I have completed MCA and currently in search of Job.

I registered my details and have uploaded my resume in several companies. I also registered myself at in the month of August, 2010.

At the end of September, I got a mail from Cognizant that I have to attend the Apps on Oct 3,2010. Venue is St.Michael’s Academy Matriculation school, Adyar.

I have already attended apps for HCL, TCS, CMC, etc. But have not got through. I had a hope that I will get through.

I simply revised the notes that I took during the apps training that was held in my college before attending this apps.

The day came. My time for apps was at evening 4.30pm. So, I attended my Internship class and went to the venue directly after the class.

I reached the venue around 3.00 PM in my bike. There was a lot of crowd. Nearly 1000 people were there. I had a thought that even this apps is going to be a failure.

Around 4.20PM, they allowed us in after checking my Hall ticket. They gave question booklet, answer sheet and rought sheet.

The answer sheet had details like educational background, area of interest, Why CTS, what you expect from CTS, etc to be filled. I filled all those details and started the apps.

There were 50 questions totally with general apps, verbal ability, etc. Time given was 40 mins. No negative marking.

The test was quite simple. I attended all the questions. But I had a thought that the pass mark criteria will be high since the paper was easy.

At the end of test, they told to keep the hall ticket safely and also told the results will be announced within few days in their site. We can check the result by entering the Applicant ID and date of birth.

Lets hope I get through.

Thanks and Regards


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