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August 5, 2010 / Nandha kumar

Attended an Interview

Hi to all,

on july 14, My friend, Ramachandran suggested me to register for the recruitment at Vernalis Systems, located at porur.

I registered in that site.

on July 17, I was called by that company to attend Aptitude round. So, I went there and attended it. A lot of students attended that day. The aptitude was quite easy.

The company announced the results after two days. I got shortlisted for next round – Written Technical test. It was conducted on July 20. This test was filled with questions to write code in many technologies. But I wrote this test little poorly. The company said they ll announce the results in two days.

But nearly a week passedby. I dint get any call from them. So, I thought I was not selected and started with my routine tasks. Then last week, I got the call from the company saying I was shortlisted for next round – technical HR round on Aug 5, 3 pm.

I was really excited. I prepared a little for it. Today, At around 2.30 I reached the company and waited there. At around, 3.20 I was called in for the Technical HR Round. The session went very interesting.

They asked me about my project “Tran-Duino” and the principle of its working. I explained them. Then they asked me why I have chosen programming field. I told them my interest in it.

They asked me which programming language I prefer most. I immediately said “C”. Then the HR told me to write a pgm and then immediately asked me to tell the procedure for printing the inputted number as words. [ if I give input as 153 , the output will be as “One hundred and fifty three” ] .

I told like We have to assign three array of strings representing the text . Then we need to get the input from user and find the value in the units place, tens place and 1ooth place and call the appropriate array value and print them.

The HR said Ok and asked the next question : “how to sort the values present in the linked list?” . I told him the procedure again. Then He explained about the company norms and If I OK with it, I need to meet another person and for another round of Interview.

Then the interview continued till 4 pm. Then I was told to wait.

Then I was told to meet the next guy in aonther room. I entered the room and wihsed him.

He looked through my profile and asked me “Where is kolathur located?”. He opened googlemaps in his Apple Laptop and asked me to locate my area. I showed him.

  • Then He asked me about my project ?
  • Whose Idea was it?
  • How and from where I bought the components for my project?
  • Why You are interested in Linux?
  • Have you developed any code in Linux?
  • Do you know Linux Administration , etc.

I answered him . Then He said to wait for sometime. I came out and waited.

Atlast, the Guy who interviewed me first called me and told that the guy who just interviewed me just now was the CEO of that company. I left the place by 5 pm

This is the first Interview That I attended till last round . It was a great experience.Hope I get placed there.




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