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July 16, 2010 / Nandha kumar

I completed My MCA Successfully

Hi to all,

Atlast I completed my final year MCA successfully.

The final semester of MCA is to do a project either for a company or inhouse [ that is in College itself ]. I started my project “Tran-Duino” as inhouse project.

For the past six months I worked on the project and the final day came to show what I have done.

The Final viva dates were announced from July 5-7. My class strength was 43. So, Three batches with 15 students each on each day. My viva was on July 6.

I went to college on July 5 to get laptop from Arul so that I can show demo on the next day during my viva. Since its a final year project, different externals for each day. The external who came on the first day was a known staff to our MCA dept. The Viva took place in our MCA Lab Bay 2. I was sitting and was preparing for my demo in the same lab in Bay1.The external was asking several questions to each candidate and the viva went very interestingly and thrillingly.

I enquired my department staffs regarding the externals. They said like the external who is going to come the next two days was a newly joined staff from neighboring college and they told us she was strict too. I got really afraid. Then I got laptop from My friend Arul in the evening after his viva. He was the only one who showed demo that day and got a lot of praises from the external reviewer. I felt very happy and proud of him.

When I started from college to home, there was heavy rain and I waited a long time till it stops in my college Bus stop itself since I had all my devices needed for my project [ mainly GPS ] and also Arul’s Laptop with me. Then I reached home , prepared slides and also started preparing for presenting about my project.

That day I dint sleep and was preparing everything. Till the week before the review, I was testing the code with the LCD display in Breadboard setup only. Since , Inorder to present nicely before external reviewer I gave that to a Electrician Whom Soldered the other components in my project. But, He was quite busy and told to come after a week. I pleaded him that Its really urgent. But no use. Then He himself gave the ideas to solder it myself.

I too thought its a good idea and soldered the display by referring the circuit of LCD 3 Wires. This was the Biggest mistake I made. The circuit was soldered correctly. But The display dint turn up. I really dont know where I went wrong in soldering. So, again I rebuilt the same circuit in Breadboard and powered it. This time The display got powered But I could not see any data scrolling in it. I even adjusted the POT, checked the wiring for several times. but no use. After trying with the display the whole night before review, I was only able to see the blocks scrolling but no data. So, I decided to show the output in Serialmontior of Arduino IDE itself.

July-6 :

I reached college at usual time and was told my guide about the display problem. He said not to get tensed and show the demo with whatever you have. After sometime The External reviewer arrived and To my surprise, She was the one who handled a subject during my UG [ B.C.A ] degree.

But I dint tell her that I am her student. I did my works as usual and prepared for review. I was the third person to present that day. The review for the frist person went for nearly 30 minutes. The external reviewer was asking several questions from code to database. I was really shocked. The next candidate also was questioned for nearly 45 minutes. Then they called me.

I went and connected my pendrive and opened my presentation. I introduced myself to all,and thanked my HOD. then explained why I gave the project title as “Tran-Duino”. Then the concept of my project. The external reviewer was impressed by my project and asked me The process involved. I clearly explained her each step.

She then asked me to show some of the GPS log files and how I am marking the locations. I showed a log file, How I am extracting the latitude and longitude and also told about the GPSvisualizer site. She immediately told that she wants to see my project demo after the viva completes. I said sure mam. Then She asked me Why I have not included these details in the slide and I replied that I thought of explaining them orally . She said OK but also suggested me to include those details in the slide becuase it may increase the clarity of understanding the concept when presenting to a person who is new to these technologies. She also added that This inclusion will help the external reviewer to put a good score to me. I agreed and proceeded with the slide. She dint even listen to my presentation after that and gone through my slides and said next, next.

I completed running slides and thanked mam. She said me to prepare for the demo. The review continued and I prepared the demo in Arul’s Laptop and was ready to show her. But she was busy and told she will see it after the review gets over that day.

I prepared the demo around my College’s circular block. The Idea was to display the department name I am entering into. There were four departments and I prepared the data needed for that by logging around the circular block before one week. I included those data into code, kept it ready. Since external reviewer was busy, I took the device connected with laptop and walked along the varandha of Cricular block. I opened the serial monitor and after sometime the logging started. I was surprised that when I was reaching near MCA department I got the text ” You are nearing MCA Department” on the serialmonitor. When I was in MCA department, the output was “You are in MCA Departement”. Then I walked towards CSE department and got the output as ” You are in CSE Department”.

I immediately returned back to lab and saved the serialmonitor output to a text file and waited to show the output to external reviewer. But It took time for her to finish viva for all. After She completed I went to her. She asked me whether I can come tomorrow to show the demo since she has no time now. I said sorry mam I will not be coming tomorrow. Then she told me to wait. She signed all the project reports and finished all the official works and called me.

She gave a chair to me and I sat next to her and showed the process involved in my project. I then called her to come with me to show her the project demo. But she said she has no time now and has to leave. So, I showed her the serialmonitor output. She said the project is really nice and asked me who gave this Idea. I said about my Guide , Mr. Thyagarajan Shanmugham and told that it was his Idea. She said good and said that I have improved a lot from my Undegraduation. I immediately asked “Mam do you remember me? ” . She said “Yes, I identified you in the morning itself” and told All the Best for me and went away.

I felt really happy. Atlast I successfully completed my review and MCA too. I am really thankful to My guide Mr.Thyagarajan for giving such a good Idea and his great support. I also thank Mr. Shrinivasan , without whom I could not have done the project, since he is the one who struggled a lot and bought the needed components for my project from Abroad. I also thank my Internal guide , Dr.T.Kumaran, for his encouraging words and support. I also thank all my Friends who had great belief in me and for encouraging me. Last but not Least, I thank my friend Arul, without whom I would not been into such a Great Environment – FOSS.

My final review –

My Project –





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  1. Rajesh Deb / Aug 15 2010 2:00 am

    help me to make a project with and sql server

    • Nandha kumar / Aug 15 2010 12:58 pm

      Hi Rajesh Deb,

      I am extremely sorry that I dont know both and sql server.

      I suggest you to search in net for better project ideas in your required domain and technology.

      Thanks and Regards

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