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April 12, 2010 / Nandha kumar


Hi to all .

This post is about the FOSS job opportunities that are plenty available in the job market today.

People who choose the Open Source platform as beginners may have little fear that how to find a job in the opensource world and many people including me had a thought and more confusion on what expertise would be needed, where to approach and how to find the current trends or technologies that are of more demand these days.

The better thought would be that If we are keen to survive in the Open Source world we need to learn every little information possible to gain our expertise in this field, since learning only one technology and being strong in that makes ourselves down in the current Industry.

Anyways, It is the survival of the fittest and we really need to work hard if we need to get a recognition in the Open Source world.

There are plenty of oppurtunities available and even Big MNCs have a lot of openings to people who are well equipped with Open Source technologies.

I am a member of Kanchi Linux User Group and the founder of that group, Mr. T.Shrinivasan, is a great inspiration for students like me and other members of Kanchi LUG and to people who wish to explore the FOSS world.

He has been in the Linux field for several years and still continues to contribute to the OpenSource community. He is the one who has introduced once-proprietary users like me to this Beautiful, vast and majestic Open Source world.

Shrinivasan is also doing a great service to this community by providing information on various FOSS jobs available in the industry today.

He is maintaining a Blog : and it is a active blog which is regularly updated on the latest job opportunities in FOSS. Shrinivasan, inspite of his busy work schedule, always manages to allot time to update this blog regularly and many people who are skilled in FOSS technologies are getting great benefit out of it.

We can also get FOSS job alerts to our mails by using the “Subscribe to FOSS Jobs by Email” link available in the link and get the subscription by providing our mail ID .

We can also avail the FOSS job opportunities from the following link which is a job portal for FOSS people to find jobs with. This site is also maintained by Shrinivasan and his friends with a great effort and enthusiasm.

In both the links provided above the job details are more appropriate and clearly listed. The jobs are also grouped under several categories based on the skillset needed to acquire those jobs.

I wish that people who are gaining knowledge and expertise in FOSS technologies can make use of these wonderful links , subscribe to them, get information from them and apply for jobs that suit their profile or choose jobs on their areas of interest.

I really thank Shrini Anna[ I affectionately call him ] for doing this great work to the FOSS community and also wish him all the best to continue this great work.

Shrinivasan’s experiences in Linux :

Kanchi LUG’s activities can be seen here :




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  1. tarulalan / Apr 12 2010 12:52 am

    Great People doing only the best things. 🙂

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