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January 22, 2011 / Nandha kumar

Life started in Cognizant

Hi to all.

After a long time I got time to Blog .

Now I am in Coimbatore working for CTS. My domain is in Testing.

Almost One and Half month just passed away like anything after joining here.

Many interesting and amazing things had happened in my Life till now.

First I thought to myself and hated myself for Being into Coimbatore since I was missing Chennai. But after staying here for a week or so, I came to know about how good the people here are. They are so helping in nature when compared to Chennai people. I like that aspect of Coimbatorians very much.

Next is I dint liked to be in testing first. But after joining here and hearing many people’s experiences in Testing domain, a soft corner was slowly got building into my mind and Heart.

My few Great inspirations for feeling Great to be in Testing are,

Maya, Our Testing Head, Who started her career like us 12 years ago in Testing is still continuing her career in Testing and has turned to be the Head for Testing Operations. She met us during the Induction programme. Her speech was really great and she explained how she turned to successful in CTS and How CTS provided opportunities for her success.

The next role model is my Trainer, Angela Arun. Her way of Approach is really interesting incase of Testing. She worked in Wipro and was put into some Development domain. But, due to her sheer interest in Testing, she spoke to her Higher officials an opted for Testing domain. and She is more enthusiastic about Testing.

She even has several Blogs for Testing, knows a lot of info about Testing and as well as other Fun and Techie Ideas. We really like her approach of Teaching Testing Technology to us. There are many more people who had inspired me a lot.

So, Now I am feeling more comfortable being into Testing. I wish I can do good in the Testing aspect.

Then, to say about my Batch, Its a mixture of people from several parts of the Country. Majority is from Kerala. And the main moto of our Batch is Fun, Fun and loads of Fun.

Being in Cognizant, each member of the batch has to play a role like extra curricular activities, domain expertise, etc. and I have been given the task of Blogging representative for My batch. I am really about that bcoz my batch does Blogging without me insisting to do it. But I rarely do Blogging.

The interesting things are, I started this new year with my First month salary. I have no words to  describe the Happiness I had on the eve of New Year. We celebrated it as a whole Batch.

Till now, Two tests have been conducted as part of our training and to my great surprise, I got Batch First and second score in these Tests. I really wonder how that happened accidently.  I hope I do well in the following tests as well.

I bought myself  Samsung Galaxy5 TAB Android phone from my First month salary and its really a cool Gadget.

And I visited my home few times and celebrated Pongal, Christmas there.My roommates are also from MCA background and they are also good and enjoying life. We are happy to be together.

These are the important updates that happened in my Life so far.

To say finally, ” Namma Life stlyeae Maririchi Doi “.

I also miss my College friends [ Both UG and PG] , My school friends a lot.

I wish all of them a good Future ahead.

I will keep updating the Blog whenever I find time since I have restrictions to use NET in my Company.

Thanks and Regards



November 16, 2010 / Nandha kumar

Career with Cognizant

Hi to all,

I am Happy to inform that I have got selected in Cognizant.

My date of joining is on 25-Nov-2010.

My place of joining is at Coimbatore.

I thank each one of you for your great support.

Thanks and Regards


November 16, 2010 / Nandha kumar

Attended Tech+HR Round at Cognizant

Hi to all,

I attended apps for Cognizant on Oct 3 and cleared it. I got a mail for Attending Tech and HR round on Oct 16 at Cognizant, MEPZ, Tambaram, Chennai.

After the interview at mobicip, I prepared a little seriously for Cognizant, because If This chance is lost, I cannot attend Cognizant for next 9 months.

On october 16, I was asked to be there by 10.30 Am. I reached the venue by 9.30 AM. I was really suprised to see a such a huge and modern building in that remote area of Tambaram. I was also shocked to see so much of crowd have gathered to attend the Interview. I was slowly losing hope that I will get selected. But It was a great experience.

At the main gate, I showed my Hall ticket, got my visitors pass and headed towards the Huge Auditorium in the 4th floor of cafeteria Block. In the Hall, there were more than 500 people were seated and few persons were reading out names and DOBs and were telling to goto panels.

I waited for morethan two hours and around 12.00 PM, they called my name and told me to go to panel 85 in Third floor. There was also a lot of crowd.
I was really nervous. Now, One person from the panel, called up the candidates of panel 85. I reached him and He ticked down my name in the list. then I was assigned a Lady HR for Technical Interview.

First I greeted her. She said to take my seat. She asked me about myself. I answered. Then she went through my Resume, my apps answersheet and the form filled by me during the apps. She started asking about what is linux, FOSS, my project. I explained them clearly and carefully. She was impressed by my project.

Then She asked me about Inheritance, polymorphism, my hobbies – chalk carving. I answered. She also enquired whether Have I brought any chalk carvings for the interview. I said no. She said OK. and then asked about my extra curricular activities. I told her that I am a member of ILUGC, volunteer during SFD ’09, etc.

She asked whether I know Java. I said “yes to a certain extent”. She then asked me which type of inheritance is not supported in Java and Why. I answered her that it was Multiple Inheritance and the reason for it. She said OK.

She asked me Why I want to join cognizant and What I expect from cognizant. I answered her that Many of my friends are working in Cognizant and have shared with me the joy of working there. I am a fresher and I need a entry level into the IT field. So, I chose cognizant and I wish I will be given a chance to explore the same joy. She said Good.

She then asked after ten years what position I will be. I replied her. After few more questions on oops, She said that It was good speaking with me and told me to wait at the hall opposite to the cafeteria for the results. I wished her thank you and left the place and went to the Hall.

Within ten minutes, They announced the shortlisted candidates for HR round and I got through. Now, They sent us to the second floor where HR round was going on. Now, I was really nervous and getting ready to face the Final round. People around me were discussing about many things. People who attended the interview were saying what was asked in the HR round to their friends.I was all alone and waited patiently.

Now, My turn came and I was called in. Here also there were 20 – 25 HR people seated in tables within distance apart and were interviewing candidates. I was assigned to a HR guy. I went to him and greeted him. He said to sit and saw my resume. I was really afraid now but dint show it out.
He asked me to introduce myself. I told him. He asked me Why less score during UG degree. I answered him, I was not so good at studies during UG and led my life little playfully. He asked me to write the OOPS concepts. I wrote it. He saw and told me two more concepts were left. Then I saw that I dint write about main things- objects and classes and wrote it.

Then He asked me when was C invented and by whom. I said Dennis ritchie and in the 1970’s. He asked for exact year. I told 1972. I asked me was it a guess. I said no. Then He asked me Are You sure. I confirmly said yes. He said OK. Then He asked me about Linux. I answered him. InBetween the answer, He asked what is SDLC and its process. I was not sure about the stages but I somehow answered him.

He said Thatsall and any more questions from me. I simply asked him for what kind of post this recuritment is for. [ I asked this question because the companies like HCL which i Attended previously, gave us apps and after that They said, its for a BPO job. So, inorder to ensure, this job is not a BPO, I asked that question. ]  He cooly asked me what post Do I want. I said, as per company norms and I wish its for a Trainee post.He replied I need not worry and it will be taken care of.

I wished thankyou sir and came out. I felt bad on why I asked such silly question and also had a thought I answered correctly or not. They said the results will be announced few days later. I left to home with all the confusions.

I hope I will get through the interview and join Cognizant.

Thanks and Regards

November 16, 2010 / Nandha kumar

Attended Interview at Mobicip

Hi to all,

I was given the task of posting jobs at site, by Shrini anna. I used to apply for jobs from the site.

On oct 3 I posted a job regarding opening for c/c++ developers at

This company is currently in app development for iphones and ipads and provides solution for parental guidance on the apps used by the children.

I applied for this job by sending my resume.

After two weeks, on october 7 I got a call from mobicip Hr and was scheduled for interview on the next day around 2PM.

I had no time to revise C and C++ completely, since it was a tech + hr interview.

The next day, I went to the venue at ELCOT tech park, at Tharamani.

I signed in and went to fourth floor.

Then submitted my resume and waited. A HR person named Arul called me up and gave a technical written test on c and c++.

I attended the test and it was quite hard. And I also had questions on topics like Networking, Unix, Objective C, cocoa.

I have never seen Cocoa programming before. So, I dint attend any questions in that section.

After the test, The HR arranged a coffee for me and told to wait.

After the cofee, Person named Arvind took me for the Tech Interview. He asked me several questions based on the answers that I wrote in the Technical wirtten

test. He told me to explain about my Final year project. He also asked several questions on c, oops, and Linux.

he also gave few scenarios and told to write code for it using C constructs. I wrote and showed him. He again started asking several questions on that. I

answered as much as I Know. Then He asked me whether I have used design patterns in C. He replied No. Then after few questions, I was again told to wait.

After sometime, Another Person named Vijay took me to thrid floor for C++ technical interview. He asked me about my contributions to FOSS. I said that I m

just a newbie and not done anything of that sort. then He asked me about my project and also few questions on Linux. I replied him.

Then He started with the OOPs concept of C++ and told to write sample code for inheritance and its types, polymorphism, overriding, overloading. I somehow

wrote the code. But was not sure, whether is it right. He asked me to rate myself on knowledge of c,c++,java and I told 7,6,5 to it.

Vijay asked several questions twistedly and I got confused and answered few questions wrongly. From that itself I know that I will not get selected in this

company. He also asked a puzzle about 1000 doors problem [ an aptitude question which i came to know answer after googling about it ] and asked the answer for it. I tried for sometime and atlast failed. After few more questions, I was again told to wait.

Then the HR person called me up and asked how was the Interview. I answered him that the interview was good and since I had little time to prepare, I did some parts of the Interview little badly.

He said OK and told me like They have to interview few more people and If I am the rigt person for the job, surely they will call me. I said Ok, thanks for the opportunity and left the place.

By the last words of the HR, I knew that I am rejected for this job. I was upset for sometime and gave a thought about the mistakes I committed during the Interview and tried to correct it. I also decided never to commit such silly mistakes thereafter.
I hope everything is for Good and started applying for the next job.

Thanks and Regards

November 14, 2010 / Nandha kumar

Attended Apps at Cognizant

Hi to all,

I have completed MCA and currently in search of Job.

I registered my details and have uploaded my resume in several companies. I also registered myself at in the month of August, 2010.

At the end of September, I got a mail from Cognizant that I have to attend the Apps on Oct 3,2010. Venue is St.Michael’s Academy Matriculation school, Adyar.

I have already attended apps for HCL, TCS, CMC, etc. But have not got through. I had a hope that I will get through.

I simply revised the notes that I took during the apps training that was held in my college before attending this apps.

The day came. My time for apps was at evening 4.30pm. So, I attended my Internship class and went to the venue directly after the class.

I reached the venue around 3.00 PM in my bike. There was a lot of crowd. Nearly 1000 people were there. I had a thought that even this apps is going to be a failure.

Around 4.20PM, they allowed us in after checking my Hall ticket. They gave question booklet, answer sheet and rought sheet.

The answer sheet had details like educational background, area of interest, Why CTS, what you expect from CTS, etc to be filled. I filled all those details and started the apps.

There were 50 questions totally with general apps, verbal ability, etc. Time given was 40 mins. No negative marking.

The test was quite simple. I attended all the questions. But I had a thought that the pass mark criteria will be high since the paper was easy.

At the end of test, they told to keep the hall ticket safely and also told the results will be announced within few days in their site. We can check the result by entering the Applicant ID and date of birth.

Lets hope I get through.

Thanks and Regards

October 5, 2010 / Nandha kumar

Three Nights @ HackFest2010

Hi to all,

Myself and My Friend Ramachandran , registered ourselves for the Hackfest 2010 to be held at IIT-Madras .

Its basically a coding event and is also a Part of Shaastra 2010 – A Great event that is conducted every year at IIT.

I got the details regarding the event from ILUGC mailing list and regsitered for it online.

Me and Ram got through the Initial online questionnaire . This questionnaire was to test our exposure to Linux and its tools like gedit, make files, terminal, pastebin and also linux commands . They even said like we can use google and find answers for the questions.

Initially they dint announce the event dates. Then after a week or so, The entire Shaastra event for schduled on Sept 29 to Oct 3. The Hackfest event was scheduled from 30 sept to 2 oct. The event time was from 8.30 PM  to 5 AM in the morning.

We also got the complete schedule details via email. We participated in it and it was a good experience.

HACK NIGHT – I – Sept 30

Today Me and Ram met at IIT and reached for the Hackfest venue at around 5 PM. There was an Intro Talk about hackfest by one of the IIT student names Pranesh. The event was organised by 2nd and 3rd Year students of IIT [ Great ].

I was really amazed at the IIT students and their involvement in each and every thing they do. They have also done several project on Opensource. I was excited about that.

The Intro Talk was about what hackfest actually is . The theme idea is “Scratch Your Itch” . We may face several issues with apps we use . Hackfest is a place or a startup where one can actually work on and fix the issue.

This time the Hackfest had plans to work on projects like Google Android, GNOME, KDE, Minix and Kernel Hacking. They have also called up experts from these projects as Mentors.

There was also a second questionnaire to us before two days to the event. This questionnaire was to select and give the list of projects [ From the above 5 ] to hack.

Google Android – Pratul kalia [ Drupal winner ]

GNOME – Yuvi Panda [ Gsoc 2010 winner for Gnome – cheese ]

KDE – Nikhil  [ Seasons of KDE winner ]

Minix and Linux kernel Hacking – IIT students

I personally chose Android [ I have not worked with it before]. And also gave Gnome and KDE as next options. I was assigned in Android Project.

Ram gave Gnome and KDE. Ram was assigned in Gnome project.

Now, Around 10 PM , all were gathered in Opensource LAB at CSE Department of IIT-M. There they conducted an Intro session About



It was interesting and uesful . Then we were assigned individual systems to work with . My mentor was Pratul Kalia – A GSoc Winner for Drupal project and also a IIT-Kanpur candidate. Currently He works there in a Research project. He is the one who gave intro talk on git and irc.

We all settled in our systems and Pratul started the Intro about Google Android, His contributions to the Project, and the basic functionalities of it.

Before dwelling with the project, They asked us to work and see IRC. So, we tried it. But since the entire lab was connected to proxy server and initially there was no IRC client installed in each system [ Debian ] , We tried to install it manually.

We got really serious problems like Network down, etc. So, We dropped the Idea of IRC.

Then Pratul asked an Idea for designing an app for Android. Since NO one of us had android supported mobile, we planned to do a simple app called “Miser App”.

This app is helpful in managing data like the money lent to and borrowed from other by a person. We also spoke about the Interface design and the screens.

Initially we can make only a service like structure since Pratul said desgining of App’s Widget and screen design cant be completed in Three nights.

The First Hack Night got over By 3 AM.


Today I and Ram reached the venue by 7 PM. There was a talk held on VMWare. They are the main sponsors for the Shaastra event. The sppech got over by 9 PM. After Dinner, we all went to the Lab and got ready to install the needed packages.

Today I and my team tried to install Eclipse IDE – needed to run Android SDK Emulator.

Today the Hackfest team gave steps to work in chroot . In chroot root, they had placed the Shaastra Distro which has applications already installed in it. So we did that and Got the Eclipse IDE.

Now the android team tried to install the Android SDK that is needed to work on Android Emulator. Since the entire lab was still in proxy mode, we couldnot get the package via Internet. So ,we were trying all possible ways to install it.

Then our mentor, Pratul gave an Idea if copying the packages from already installed machines. One girl from IIT had already installed SDK Eclipse in her laptop and we took that source in a pend drive and tried to install it.

This time we got permission problems to install and also the same proxy problems. We got stuck and was thinking on wat to do.

Then atlast we somehow put the source in a local server and setup the Android environment in all our systems. In between I tired the way of installing the package via Internet. Since the proxy was free and all others were busy extracting from local machine, I got it installed easily.

By now, the time was around 4.30 AM. And we have installed Android – SDK , git . Now, Pratul showed us his code of android apps. He also explained the fundamental code structure in Android and also described the code.

Then We discussed our Miser app in detail and started to home around 6 AM


Today Me and Ram Reached IIT at around 4.30 PM. We visited the stalls that were put near Gajendira Circle. Many stalls like Vestas, VMWare, BOSCH, Indian Defence , Learning Abroad, etc were put up. There were also many food stalls.

Then We attended a FOSS Talk around 7 PM . The talk was about Web Hacking . It was quite interesting and Then We had dinner reached to Lab at 9.30 PM.

Today we started with the Initial designing of UI for the Miser App. The first screen was to display the texts ” I lent ” and “I borrowed” on the Emulator.

Initially we created the “Hello world” app by refferring to Android website . It was done. Then we saw the layouts used in Android and used a Linear layout to design our Initial screen. I did that and started with the next step.

Inbetween there were many distractions and we couldnot do anything after that.

The Last Hack Night also got over.

During the Three nights, the IIT students gave a talk about the Shaastra Distro they have made.

It is a customised version of Ubuntu and also got many Engineering Apps like Scilab in it. The second year students of CSE-IIT have also created few Apps like quill and also have bundled with this distro. The Apps were designed to give general help on Linux Commands. All the Applications were Great.

The other projects also did their Best.

Gnome – made few patches to bugs and also did a non-distractive text editor.

KDE – made few patches to the bugs

I was really happy to see many students and their interests towards OpenSource. Even Though I could not do something useful in Hack Night, I learnt Many things in Hack Night like

Working days and Nights in Project

Team work



Finally I enjoyed a lot.

Happy Hacking



September 17, 2010 / Nandha kumar

Internship session on 11 & 12 September

Hi to all,
This is the second week I am attending the internship program conducted by Chandrashekhar Babu sir.
The saturday session [ Javascript ] was cancelled due to the celebration of Ganesh Chathurthy Function.
On sunday , sir taught us about Linux commands.
First He started with the “Sed” command and told about few more of its features.
He also told about to make the Sed command work equivalent to other commands like cat,…
By adding an option -e with the sed command we can include the regular expression functionality to it. -e stands for expression.
Few examples on sed command:
$ sed -e filename.txt
simply prints the entire contents of the file just like cat command.
$ sed -e ‘p’ filename.txt
prints each line in the file twice.
$ sed -e ‘1p’ filename.txt
prints only the first line of the file twice.
$ ls -l | sed -e ‘5a\’
insert a new line after the 5th line in the output of ls command.
$ ls -l | sed -e ‘s/nandha/root/’
replaces the first occurence of the string “nandha” with that of the string “root” in
the output of ls command.
$ ls -l | sed -e ‘s/nandha/root/g’
This command replaces the string “nandha” with “root” globally.
Here denotions are
a – append
s – substitute
c – change
d – delete
p – print
g – global
$ ls -l | sed -e ‘s/[0-9]/x’
Replace the numbers with the single character ‘x’
$ ls -l | sed -e ‘/^d/d’
To list only files and not the directories.
$ ls -l | sed -e ‘/test/d’
Delete the lines of output that contains the word “test”.
$ ls -l | sed -e ‘s/ \+/ /g’
Replaces multiple occurence of blank spaces with a single blank space of ls output.
$ ls -l | sed -e ‘s/ \+/ /g’ | cut -f5 -d’ ‘
Produces the same output as previous command put prints only first 5 lines. Here -f
is the field number [ column] and -d is the delimiter. The delimiter used is blank space.
Then Sir taught about the head, tail, history commands.
$ head -5 fruits.txt
extracts first 5 lines from the file
$ tail -5 fruits.txt
outputs last 5 lines from the file.
$ nl fruits.txt | head -10 | tail -5
prints the lines from 6-10 of the file. here nl command is used to include line
numbers in the output.
$ nl fruits.txt | head -6 | tail -1
prints only the sixth line of the file
History command is one important command which stores everything that we type on the shell for several days.We can store all those commands that we typed into a file for verifications too.
$ history
$ history > $(date+”%Y%m%d-%H%M%S.txt”)
This command directs the output of the history command into a new textfile with current date and time as its filename.
Here Y – year
m – month
d – day
H – hours
M – Minutes
S – Seconds
Then Sir taught about the most interesting programming language – Awk. He told about the power of Awk and the places where to use it. Awk can be used as a substitute for several commands like grep, find,
but Awk is not a preferred to be used as a programming language since achieving tasks with it, is more complex. Instead we can use it for shell scripting. We can use languages like Perl, Python as replacement for Awk. Awk also has support for Regular Expressions.
I will try to putup a post more detailedly about Awk later.
Few more commands Sir taught us are,
$ ps -aeo pid,rss,cmd
Prints the amount of RAM used by each running process in our system. here rss – resident set size
We can save the Awk commands as file with .awk extension. Then we can execute that file using the following command
$ awk -f filename.awk
$ hdparm
prints detailed information about our Harddisk
$ hdparm -i
$ hdparm -I
$ hdparm -t /dev/sda
performs read tests on the harddisk [ /dev/sda ] and prints the transfer rate of data per second.
Finally Sir asked about the answer for the task He gave last week. The task is to pick the valid time correctly from the list of time given in a file. The command is
$ egrep ‘\b([0-1][0-9]|[2[0-3]):([0-5][0-9]):([0-5][0-9])\b’